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“My first yoga experience was an Ashtanga class in a gym in London in 1997. After moving to New York City in 2002 I discovered a whole other world of yoga and by 2007 I decided to do my teachers training course with Yoga Works. Moving on to teach in Estoril, Portugal for 2.5 years and returning to Durban in 2012.”

To me “Yoga is unity in diversity, and allows us to recognize that the apparent duality between mind and heart is illusory”.

When I’m in town I teach an *Open Class at The Yoga Sanctuary Glenashley, Durban North, South Africa

Time: 5:30pm 0n Thursdays
Address: Yoga@The Sanctuary, 49 Delaware Ave, Glenashley

Private, Corporate & One on One classes or small groups are also available. Please email: tanya [at]
*Open Classes:
A typical open class consists of flowing asana sequences, hands-on adjustments, breath practices and deep relaxation. Some classes will focus on detailed alignment instructions. Sitting, standing and inverted postures are incorporated into all classes, with challenging variations for more advanced students. To keep the practice inspiring asana sequences are ever-changing. Music plays an integral role in the class.Yoga Centers Directory – Global guide to yoga instructors, studios, ashrams and retreat centers!

Yoga workshop
Click here to view my Yoga Journal Interview September 2009: YW_YogaJournal_Sept09_Tanya
Lisa Massyn
Lisa Massyn:
Tanya’s yoga class is a high point in my week! She often asks us at the start of class   “How much of your week was spent thriving or surviving?” and I know that at least for the duration of her class it will be my time to thrive and live in the moment!Her knowledge, experience and philosophy towards yoga and all that it encompasses is inspiring and very evident in her teachings.  The focus in each class is consistently on the importance of the breath, the protection of the body against injury through mindful awareness and correct posture and alignment. I have learnt from this how to live in my body, respect my limitations and adapt my practice in order to protect those areas that are compromised or at risk of injury I am now kinder to my body and it has returned the favour by showing me the ease and agility it is capable of.
Tanya’s classes are challenging, invigorating and at the same time very restorative with her signature  “foot or hand massage” concluding a wonderful practice that I can highly recommend!
Antony Moller
Antony Moller:
I always had an interest in yoga, attended a few classes then stopped. Driving home one Sunday I took a different route and discovered the Yoga Sanctuary literally a kilometre from where we live. I called Tracy, the lady who owns the Sanctuary, and she suggested I join Tanya’s class on a Tuesday evening. The next Tuesday I walked into my first class and Tanya made me feel so comfortable and at home it was amazing. Tanya takes an interest in each one of us and every class is a wonderful yoga experience. I know with 100% certainty that each one of us in Tanya’s class look forward to Tuesday evenings at 5:30. She is a special lady with the wonderful gift of instilling a love of yoga to all those who attend her classes.
Tracy Collyer, owner of The Yoga Sanctuary Glenashley:
Tanya’s classes have promoted the true principles of yoga which I find the most important as a teacher; Strong alignment that is taught with insight and gentleness. Tanya is able to make each and every yogi in the class feel acknowledged and special, as she pays particular attention to each one. Yogic principles underline her asana class with Pranayama playing its central role. The encouraging and yet “not pushing past personal boundaries” is a key factor with mixed ability classes and Tanya has achieved this. The class flows with ease due to Tanya’s ability to guide with subtle confidence, and hold the energy of the class in front of her.
The Sanctuary space has been greatly enhanced by her presence.
Wes Carrington:
“Living and working outside of one’s own country is often doubly stressful. Tanya’s yoga classes were both a refuge and restorative, allowing me to escape from the world for a moment, take a deep breath, unclench my jaw, and relax. Whether in a group class or one-on-one instruction, Tanya has proven to be an excellent “ambassador” of yoga, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for an introduction or advanced instruction.”
Three words that describe Tanya…The three “e’s” – energy – enthusiasm – empathy
Karen Price:
“I was new to yoga and Tanya helped me in so many ways to embrace the practice.  She helped me get past my fears and misconceptions, she took the time to teach me the correct way to do the poses so I wouldn’t injure myself, she made me realize that yoga can benefit you both mentally and physically.  But most important she taught me the joy in practicing yoga. I will be forever grateful to have had her for a teacher!”
Three words that describe Tanya…positive, knowledgeable, open to new things/ideas
Vicki Borkowski:
“I am an active Mom of three and had been frustrated with how my body was stagnant despite my running and spinning routines. I was then introduced to Tanya. Her style of yoga has enabled me to reach new goals with my body. My strength continues to grow and I now have definition, awareness and a core….who knew. Her holistic approach allowed me to be reintroduced to each part of my body. What an amazing journey. Thank You, Tanya!!!”
Three words that describe Tanya…radiant, dedicated, ingenious
Anne Marie Hayes:
“Participating in regular yoga classes with Tanya has been fantastic. She does her best every time to share her love of yoga with us and that comes through in her teaching. Tanya pay’s particular attention to correct alignment and balancing strength and flexibility. Yoga has helped me come home to myself. Each class brings me back into my body and quietens my mind so that I can listen to my heart. Yoga has helped instil a sense of openness and possibility, in particular how I could give more back to the world. She is attentive to every student, encouraging and inspirational!”

I’ve always enjoyed people, understanding what makes them tick and sharing experiences especially yoga. These are some of the past events I’ve been involved in organised.

Yoga Workshop
Yoga Workshop with Yogeswari
Dates: October 2009 & 2010

Yoga Workshop with Yogeswari
Date: 16-18 April 2009
Location: Portugal

Yoga Workshop with Yogeswari
Date: 29 & 30 May 2010
Location: Portugal

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