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I was born in Durban, South Africa and took my first flight at five days old. Perhaps that’s how I got started on this passionate path and love for Travel so early.

My travels provide me with endless inspiration and have taken me to Europe, the US, much of Asia and of course always back home to Africa. In every place I visit I am drawn to those creating their own art. Celebrates the incredible creativity that abounds in my homeland South Africa. I focus on helping local traders sell their unique beading, baskets and bags. And thanks to technology I help educate them on using the internet to bridge the gap between their customers and their art.

ENZA is the Zulu word that describes to:¬†DO, FULFILL, FUNCTION and MAKE¬†. I’ve always loved Nike’s ‘Just do it” slogan and remember as a child people saying ‘ENZA Manje’ to describe doing something NOW. ENZALiving translates into now is the time! Do it now! Whatever it is that you want, NOW is always the right time.

Please email me for orders, questions or queries: enzaliving (at) gmail (dot) com.

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