Cool Resturants on the Linha, Lisbon to Cascais

by Tanya Monteiro on 10/17/2019

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With tourism to Portugal becoming ever-popular (mixed feelings about it but that’s for another post) I get asked so many times for recommendations. This list is for the area from Lisbon along the coast (the Linha) towards Cascais and Guincho. (Just discovered that you can actually walk this whole area and stay by the sea all the way, put aside 7 hours or so excluding meals)

Cantinha das lulas in Sao domimgos da Rana/Parede 210 146 565

O Correiro da Areia in Areia (towards Guincho) must order Jaqinzinhos if they have, delicious fried fish.

Kai Kahinha (not open on a Monday) in Parede. Mostly good for lunch, great Mozambiquan curry. Call before to book; 211 931 440 Dinner 214 572 006

Beija da Burro in Oeiras/Paco de Arcos. Named “kiss of the donkey” the owner spent many years in Corporate dreaming of opening and restaurant till he eventually did. Delicious Tapas and house wine is excellent too 961 620 947

Pria de Adraga Great Seafood with a view of the ocean. The beach is small but worth a stroll and if your into hiking there are excellent hikes right from the car park up to the cliffs with views that will take your breath away. Must book

Cacoila in Oeiras, what locals refer to as a Taverna. Delicious home cooked, wholesome meals. 214 460 831 (Closed Sunday and Monday)

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