Defining Trauma

by Tanya Monteiro on 10/15/2019

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Last week a friend and I were chatting about the word Trauma and how some of us react towards hearing it and defininting it for ourselves. My friend did not like to use the word, to her it had a violent connotation that kept her away from using it.

I find this allot in conversations with others and with myself, it’s a word that might be used a bit too much in certain circles yet it’s a word that I think is underutilised in others.

Today I came across the best description of trauma that articulates how I feel about it.

Trauma is about broken connection. Broken connection to our body, broken connection to our vitality, to ourselves, to reality and to others. Trauma is broken connection. Peter Levine (via Bogdan Petroiu on Facebook)

That’s it to me exactly, Trauma is Broken Connection.

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