by Tanya Monteiro on 04/14/2019

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Andrea and I met in NYC in 2002/03.

We both got on the subway at the same station early on a Saturday morning with our yoga mats strapped to our backs.

What started off as a local train turned into an express train, (which often happens on weekends), and we went zooming past the stop we were both hoping to get off at. Although we’d not said a word to each other yet.

When the subway did stop at 14th street, we both got off and started running, clearly realizing we were headed to the same yoga class at Jivamukti, in the then, Lafayette Street studio.

We became friends and years later landed up moving to California about 2 weeks apart from each other.

Since then we’ve moved many times and met up in different parts of the world. Continuing to explore, learn and grow together.

Connections like I have with Andrea make me remember all the lives I’ve lived so far.

It reminds me to be so grateful for deep friendships that feed my soul. Nothing buys those feelings and nothing can replace them.

Rafa agrees, he’s connected with Andrea in 3 Countries so far.

Thanks for hanging out with us in beautiful Salt Rock @andreaschnoorpr

Till next time!

Andrea and Rafa Salt Rock Beach April 2019
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