Alanis Morrisette – interview

by Tanya Monteiro on 03/25/2019

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Alanis and her twin brother, Jeremiah were born on 01 June 1974, (my birthday twins). Despite Alanis’s enormous success she felt isolated and alone, always searching for deeper meaning and purpose.

Through her music Alanis articulates so well so many different human emotions but despite this ‘gift’ Alanis had no sense of self. From the outside she looked robust but on the inside she was traumatized. Turns out the very very thing she wanted traumatize her, isn’t that so often the case.

In this interview Alanis discusses becoming comfortable with pain, avoiding living in the future and running from pain and knowing where the portal’s are so she could get to the other side of her pain.

Eventually she got to a point where she hated her own lying! So she tried to get to the bottom where there is no lie left. I just love that phrase!

Fame became a big magnifying glass, her self-doubt was amplified. Repeating patterns and pain eventually lead her to realise she was addicted to food, work and love.

Keeping the love you find A book by the author Harvel Henricks opened her eyes to healthy love, participation in both of you healing. Describing the stages of development in relationships, each taking five to seven years. Stage 1) Romantic love Stage 2) Battle for power 3) Healing space

Hungry for healing Alanis eventually figured out that the real work is staying in it, in the ordinary sweet mundane. That happiness is a state that is temporary.

There’s so much I love about this and so much I relate to in who I am as a person but by far the most important element is her reference to the importance of connection. Connection to self, to god and to ourselves.

Here’s the full podcast version, sadly I was no longer able to find the full video version.

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