The Empowerment Plan

by Tanya Monteiro on 03/13/2019

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A kid of addicts Veronika Scott was brought up to mess up!

At college, Veronika developed a coat that turned into a sleeping bag as a class project. Whilst making many versions of this ‘coat’ she was told that people needed jobs not just coats and so Veronika at the age of 20 set off to create a just that.

Now, age 28 “The Empowerment Plan hires women ONLY from homeless shelters.

Like Veronika said: “I was the only person that could create THIS opportunity for myself.” just love this women’s drive and a reminder to me that if it does not exist I can create it.

and just incase you want to hear more or like me and just have to know the back story here’s her TEDx 10 min story.

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