Leaving Neverland

by Tanya Monteiro on 03/06/2019

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They say an onion has many layers, I guess ‘they’ hadn’t come across sexual abuse yet. This to me is one of the most deeply layered issues of our time.

Last night Oprah interviewed the people involved in making the documentary……..

…..Leaving Neverland

Obviously, it’s a topic that’s very close to my mind and to this day it still surprises me how many layers there are to this reality, but what struck me about the article I read was what Oprah said more than once.

The story is bigger than any one person. And don’t let any person in your world make it just about what Michael Jackson did or did not do,” she said. “It’s about this thing, this insidious pattern that’s happening in our culture that we refuse to look at.

Slowly but surely we are all having to find ways to make sense of this complicated multi layered, very large onion.

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