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by Tanya Monteiro on 05/04/2017

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Last weekend I watched a remarkable movie called ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’.

As a kid I remember learning that my grandmother had spent time in a psychiatric hospital, it didn’t mean a whole lot to me then but as the years have gone by and I’ve dug deeper into mental health, I’ve come to appreciate that it’s a very real and a surprisingly common fact of human existence.

So, when I came across this article 9 Must-See Movies About Bipolar months ago, I made a note of the movies and have been making my way through watching them.

Bipolar disorder was formerly called manic depression. What’s interesting is that you can’t have bipolar disorder without also having had an episode of clinical depression.

Mania is the distinguishing symptom of bipolar disorder and what differentiates it from clinical depression.

Sadly today I am unable to sit down and speak to my grandmother about her experiences and our family history.

But that has not stopped me learning more and more about this disorder and the many other ways that mental health can show up in us all and how we can trace behaviour, patterns and certain genetic makes ups.

It’s a long journey to keep exploring but I had to share this for anyone else whose interested in how and why we tick. And, for anyone else that thinks Mark Ruffalo is the most gorgeously interesting man alive today.

My other favorite movies of his, in no specific order, include ‘THANKS FOR SHARING:

A moving and very real life interpretation of how we all have our different addictions and what it takes to live with them, live without them and not loose our connection with other humans and ourselves as we do it all.


This one is a heartfelt modern day normal family. A lesbian couple’s 2 kids want to find their donor biological father. It’s funny and honest with insight into all sorts of human emotions that play out in us as we figure out the meaning of our lives.


OK so I’m getting carried away with his movies but who cares right. They are so good!

This one’s an uplifting, it’s never to late, don’t ever give up, feel good story of loss, love and connection. Truth is I am not a Keira Knightley fan so I very nearly did not see this one, but I did, and I learnt yet again, that people can change.

And Of course this very special, very important, very well articulated film called SPOTLIGHT. Never ever tell your kids or believe in Stranger danger, it’s almost always the most charismatic, well liked, popular human that is doing bad things at the same time as he/she is doing good things.

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