It’s gonna be OK

by Tanya Monteiro on 09/29/2016

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My high school was an hour and a half away from my home. As a weekly boarder my mother would drive me to school on a Monday morning, I have clear memories of singing word for word the songs I liked on the radio. For some reason I could hear a song once or twice and remember the words super easily.

My mother would often say to me, “I wish you knew your school work like you know these songs”.

School was all about sports for me, the academic side was simply something I had to get through but to this day I can remember words of songs after listening to a song once or twice.

Music and more often the lyrics have been one of the most moving and healing tools in my life.

So when I hear a song that speaks to my insides and I relate to the words I have to share.

It’s going to be ok.

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