by Tanya Monteiro on 05/24/2016

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For all the years I lived in London I never had a TV and I never missed it. However, since moving in with William, and much to the demise of my reading skills, I’ve discovered a newfound love of series.

My latest discovery is Togetherness. Sadly, as I did my research for this post I discovered that they will not continue past Season two. Both seasons are out now and although I have not started watching season two yet I highly recommend this funny and very real show.

Togetherness explores marriage and friendship through the lives of a couple and two singles living on the fringes of Los Angeles. It is so real and true to life in parts that I’ve found myself laughing till I cry.

They cover aspects of married life and coupledom (is there such a word?) that even I, who is relatively new to being in a couple can relate.

The show is a reminder that getting older and having kids doesn’t necessarily spare one from angst, emptiness and confusion over the question posed in the old song, “Is that all there is?”

It zeroes in on today’s yuppie problems, folks thinking they are the first ever to experience any of these emotions. Like having their marriage tested through nagging unhappiness and infidelity.

It also touches on the aspect of searching, which seems to be a human trait regardless of our current circumstances.

As winter finally starts to arrive here in Durban I’m looking forward to watching Season two.

If you have any shows you loved and would like to share please let me know in the comments below. (Thank you Susie for your inspiration today)

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