New Ways of thinking in 2016

by Tanya Monteiro on 01/07/2016

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It’s the start to a new year. Each year that I am back home (going on to year 4 now) it feels that time is speeding faster and faster.

Hello 2016

Most likely this out of control speed has allot to do with my inability to move past myself and finally dedicate 100% of me and my time to the real work I know I must do.

Everything in me says it will happen this year……..we shall see. But, today I read this great article by a women and fellow South African Author I truly respect.

It’s a story about a man who was killed trying to help in the struggle of equality right here in Durban, I’d never even heard of him.

Rick Turner spent his life leading the way in trying to find transformative new ways of thinking and framing ourselves in society. To this day and perhaps for always, this ability to question what we are told, to dismantle the norm and build it up in our own understanding, will always stand between those that live a fulfilled life and those that don’t. At least that’s what I believe.

People first need to turn inwards and perform some sort of deep, psychic root canal on themselves to be truly liberated. We can only learn new values by living them.

In my 3.5 years home my own political views in South Africa have been thrown around like a ping pong ball on a much larger playing field. There is something deeply disturbing to me when I want to laugh at my own president’s inability to count or listening to him share his views on how our continent is as big as the rest of the world. To me, this talk is reminiscent of a man who started out good and has turned out more evil than evil itself, Mugabe.

Whilst Politics is not a topic I choose to focus on, the overlap here, for me, is in standing up for what we believe to be true. The depth at which we have to question our own thinking, our own habits, our own environments, family and friends and then we have to find the courage to speak it, share it and continue to grow and develop it while still being open to others opinions and views. That’s what resonated with me in reading about Rick Turner’s life.

“We are born into a society, and we adopt its behaviours and values; we come to be the person that makes sense within that context. But at the same time, we are not doomed to accept the world-view we developed through our upbringing. We have the capacity to decide who we are, what values we believe and the structure of relationships that we want to be part of”

It’s taken me what feels like my whole life to accept that it’s ok to not agree, it’s ok to feel differently and experience different beliefs.

Wishing anyone who reads this a 2016 filled with more and more of these realizations. A year with a deeper understanding of our own internal compass and a strength to believe that others in the world feel the same way. And, if you are ever in doubt, send me an message and I’ll help you remember.


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