A Tribute to Discomfort

by Tanya Monteiro on 08/03/2015

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A couple of weeks ago I was walking with someone who told me that “if it’s hard it’s not worth doing”…….”if it’s hard you should give up”. Absolutely anything that is hard is out of the question, this person is 100% certain in herself that anything that is difficult is not working, and you must change or do something else right away.

Not sure what her take on giving birth was like giving birth was like? I wonder….Is it even, EVER easy to give birth?

I don’t know and I won’t ever know. What I do know is that every single person I have spoken to that has experienced childbirth has attested to the discomfort those moments created in their lives and their bodies sometimes for months and years.

In my experience life’s been a mixture of discomfort and comfort. If we don’t have both, how do we know the difference? or what it is to grow? to move beyond, above or through certain experiences?

Comfort Zone

Discomfort has taught me how to feel. It has pushed me to stay awake and aware that life can be lived in this dead end comfort zone, a place that can and does work for millions of people only, I’m just not one of them, and for that I am grateful.

It’s true that I can fall into this “it must be easy” comfort zone and even worse I can get caught up in long detailed day dreaming of how simple my life would be without discomfort, or I can get totally distracted when I have conversations about how easy life should be, but, when I’m lucky enough to can catch myself in those moments of realising that this is just not the reality life lives by, I remember allot more than discomfort. I remember how good it feels on the other side.

Today I discovered one of the most inspiring video’s on discomfort that I’ve seen in a very long time.

“Cory Richards was homeless and dropped out of highschool when he was 14. He started to photograph, climbed mountains in Pakistan and eventually, he became National Geographic Adventurer of the year. There is only one way to live: Live with passion. Every day”

Thanks to Sab from www.justonewayticket.com for posting a link to this special reminder!

May anyone reading this be blessed to know when the discomfort is worth staying with and when the discomfort is worth moving away from.

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