Stephanie (Steve) Shirley – TED Talk

by Tanya Monteiro on 04/07/2015

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This TED talk has been running on Facebook for a while and I finally got to hear this remarkable women share her 13 min story today.

Dame Stephanie Shirley started a software company in the 60’s when software was still given away for free with Hardware, can you believe that?

Not to mention this was at a time that women were very seldom encouraged or even allowed to work let alone start their own businesses.

To get in the door and confirm meetings she signed her business development letters as ‘Steve’. After all who would have agreed to meet a women running a company, of freelance technology focused women.

Till 1975 (13 years after starting up) the ‘equal opportunities act’ was passed in Britain and they had to let the men in.

The company was eventually worth $3 billion, making 70% of the staff millionaires.

Stephanie’s secrets of success: 1) surround yourself with 1st class people & people that you like. 2) choose your partner very very carefully.

It’s one thing to have an idea for an enterprise its another to make it happen.

This story is inspiring to me because it proves that no matter what if we believe we can, we will. And, we will regardless of our sex or our colour or even our education.

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