by Tanya Monteiro on 04/08/2013

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This weekend we went up to the Berg. Just love that place, the silence, the space and the laughter! On our way home we popped into the Pukkety Farm Stall. Just after Underberg if your heading back to Durban on the left hand side of the road a short dirt road leads to you this 20 years old honesty system Farm Stall called PUCKETTY. It was such a delight to discover the Honesty System is alive and kicking, even in South Africa. 20 years ago Serena Shaw….see pic below, started selling bread in a shed. Her son built a building and then another and now there is a Coffee Shop, a Gallery and a super Farm Stall.

Take note of the book, the pen, the calculator and the old ice cream carton for the money.

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