Secrets to Surviving & Thriving in tough times

by Tanya Monteiro on 04/05/2013

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No matter what, I keep coming back to this statement, if we all believed this I wonder what the world would look like today. The financial news is driving me crazy at the moment, it’s all IMG_0583 BLAH< BLHA<, BLAH……………Seriously, how can any institution say I’ll save your money and make more and then decide to take a cut once they have it? Yes, the story is way more complicated than that but that’s the bottom line. I’m just glad it’s not me playing with the Russian Mafia, they sure know how to look after themselves. Anyway, Today’s post is not about the Financial world, its about a book called Great by Choice.

As a result of their own desire to make sence of the researched gained from 20,400 companies. 2 men asked millions of questions and found the links that resulted in 7 companies which rose to be 10 times better at Thriving.

A major stand out driver was, the way that leaders lead this mostly results in the way that people then behave. Bringing me back to what’s going on in Europe right now, who’s leading who? Anyway, I digress………

Other points are DISCIPLINE, CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVE PARANOIA. Basically boiling down to the idea that you must do something each and EVERY day regardless of weather you feel like it. I’ve joined the gym after many many years, in NYC I had one in my building and truthfully I’ve never really been a gym person but I’m facing the discipline challenge once again.

As they say in this book Great by Choice The only mistakes we learn from are the ones we survive. It’s going to be an interesting journey surviving the goings on in the investment world these days.

And if your interested this article talks all about what it takes for humans to attain excellence and reach their full potential PERSISTANCE< DETERMINATION and EAGERNESS, same same I think.

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