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by Tanya Monteiro on 09/12/2012

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Yesterday a friend forwarded me THIS very well thought out and written article. What is it going to take to make us all, religious institutions included wake up and start telling the truth? I wonder about this allot and realise that it can only start with me.

“But I’m less interested in the grim milestone of Bishop Finn’s conviction than in the crucial lessons his story reiterates.

One is that institutions have a potent impulse to avoid public scandal, and do an execrable job of policing themselves. To protect their reputations or simply to avoid conflict, they minimize even the most destructive behavior. They convince themselves that they can handle it on their own. And they persuade themselves that their mission, be it the inculcation of religious faith or the scoring of touchdowns, trumps the law’s mandates.

Another is that for all the lip service that we pay to the preciousness of children and the importance of their futures, they remain the most voiceless members of our society. Many don’t know or understand what their rights are; many don’t have the maturity or mettle to exercise them. They depend on the vigilance and good faith of adults, which is to say they depend, all too often, on a fiction.

And a third is that we’re as likely to turn away from sexual pathology as confront it. It confounds and discomfits us”.

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