by Tanya Monteiro on 05/25/2012

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Anyone that knows me knows that Exploration and Innovation drive me from the inside. I just LOVE new things, not only tangible solutions but new ways of being in the world, new places that resonate and make an impact. Being in South Africa has dug up my creative juices again, there’s no logical explanation, it’s just a feeling. I’ve started to sell these amazing cushions by a photographer here in Kloof,

This image doesn’t really do the scatter cushions justice but at least I get to share what’s happening behind the sense. So many people have been asking me lately what inspires me and this morning as I was preparing this update blog I came across Justin Timberlake latest project, Interior Decorating. THAT INSPIRES me, diversity and doing, this guy just seems to have such varied interests and he doesn’t just sing about it he builds things. Check out HomeMint or watch the intro video below.

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