In the Hallway

by Tanya Monteiro on 05/24/2012

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what’s the message behind my emotion?
what’s behind me being angry or sad?

We all have these feelings but staying with an open question, embracing the unknown. mmmmmm Can’t say it’s a place I like to hang out in but I’m learning, slowly, that it’s the only way to rewire oneself. Interestingly this “staying with an open question” has been around forever, Egyptians called it “in the Hallway”, always moving towards a new door and towards a new higher level of consciousness.

Developing patience with myself and not rushing to fill that feeling or brush it aside. That’s not easy but I think that everything that is revealed, that has light shone on it looses its power. At the same time the brighter the sunshine the bigger the shadow and we all know that part of being human means we live with our light and dark sides.

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