by Tanya Monteiro on 12/19/2011

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Allowing myself to hang out in my right brain is a key goal of mine these days. While at Esalen our musically inspiring leader Raphael Cushnir introduced us to creating a Haiku. I still find it difficult to explain what it is but am going to try anyway. It’s a kind of verbal punctuation or poetry said in syllables of 5-7-5. Sitting there allowing my mind to think in this way was a fascinating exercise and one I’d like to draw on and remember often. Here’s the one I came up with in the 5 minutes we were given.

Ex-pan-ded and open
We are all here to Thrive now
Let’s carry the joy inside

I’m sure it’s not a perfect 5-7-5 but it sure expands my thinking and has stuck with me.

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