by Tanya Monteiro on 12/06/2011

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This week I’m staying at Esalen in Big Sur California. It was set up by 2 guys in the 60’s who came back from spending time in India and wanted a place to BE. One of the founders approached his grandmother who owned the land here at Esalen and suggested his idea of a place to experiment, hang out and dig into new ways human experiment. She said no way, he nagged for a long time, she said yes – that was in 1962.

View from the Lodge with the Hot Spring Spa to the left of the mountain.

Last night I joined some people from my group in the Hot Springs. At checkin you are giving instructions for all the activities and then told clothing at the Hot springs are optional. I’d met a lady in Monteray who had told me this and that if I wore a cozzie I’d stick out more. The good catholic girl in me took 2 days and pitch darkness to find the courage but I did it and it was amazing!!. No camera’s allowed (what a relief) but these images below taken from the internet will give you an idea of the location.

After the soak we took a shower in these very well designed showers right on the ocean. It’s a shame in my opinion that the lodge and other areas don’t have as much thought and design in them as the hot spring area. It’s stunning! />

I’m doing a workshop with Raphael Cushnir called total immersion for total transformation. Initially I’d applied for the 1 month work studie programme but was told it was full and they get booked up months in advance. So this week turned out to be what I decided on. It’s day 2 and I feel grateful to be here!

Sunset just after arriving at Esalen

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