The Jerry Sandusky Explosion

by Tanya Monteiro on 11/17/2011

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The only time I ever really watch TV is when I’m in Hotel rooms. On my arrival in Miami last week I learnt about the Pen State Sexual Abuse case against Jerry Sandusky. Today, one week later it’s becoming clear that people knew and did nothing about it. People like Jerry Sandusky are master communicators, they know how to manipulate and the environment they create is so tight it’s hard to understand the difference between right and wrong. It’s a question that I think about often, why is it so hard to tell the truth? Many people have been moved to share their own stories, a journalist Goldie Taylor was so triggered that she confessed to her own abuse and started a kind of ripple effect on twitter. It’s shocking to imagine that so many kids have been effected by this man Sandusky but more shocking to me is that it feels like the tip of an iceburg.

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