Lessons from Gary Player

by Tanya Monteiro on 10/19/2011

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My grandmother was a very keen golfer and a huge fan of Gary Players. I remember pictures around the house of them at the Durban Country Club.

Charlie Rose meets Gary Player is a great interview, Gary shares that Energy, passion and practise are keys to success and goes on to talk about accepting adversity, his views on Tiger Woods and how his roots in Black Africa helped him find his brand and identity in Black Knight.

Gary Player’s 10 Business (life) commandments
1) Change is a price of survival, everybody flip flops. (my insides did a little jig to this one)
2) Everything in business is negociable except quality.
3) A promise made is a debt incurred.
4) For all we take in life we must pay.
5) Persistance and common sence are more important than intelligence.
6) The fox fears not the man who boasts by night but the man who rises early in the morning. (boy was I relieved to hear this, as long as i can remember I have woken up early)
7) Accept the advise of the man who loves you though you like it not at present.
8) Trust instict to the end though you cannot render any reason. (Haaaaaalleeeeeeeujah)
9) The hights of great men, reached and kept where not attanined by sudden flight but that while their companions slept were toiling upwards into the night. (in his words, “while others were sleeping, I excersied, I did’nt want to do it but i did and I kept it on, maintain it”)
10) There is no substitute for personal contact.

What a super passionate human and fellow South African! He’s living vs existing and is contributing positively to our society over and over again.

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