Mood Swings

by Tanya Monteiro on 09/23/2011

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Stephen Myburg was born in Durban, he spent a large part of his life travelling the world landing in London in 1997 when he started making his mood swings.

“Nature and its subtleties have always been my design program. But opulence and luxury offer the theater that I love to live with. Copper is a wonderful medium to merge these two desires”.

Question: “why do I make things?”

Answer: “I think making things is what all humans do. It’s knowing what you want to make, that’s the test. I’ve been exploring copper for ten years now. Pulling and pushing the boundaries of what convention says can be done with the metal. My African education in design has, I think, only helped this process. I’m not bogged down by pre-conceived ideas. Change comes easily to me. Maybe that’s why copper and I get on so well. We’re both adaptable.”

For more go to: myburgdesigns

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