Berlin = A slow motion NYC

by Tanya Monteiro on 09/18/2011

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Last weekend I attended a really great workshop in Berlin called “Surviving the start-up life” lead by Ann Mehl and Jerry Colonna. The city reminded me so so much of NYC only slower. Sharing some shot’s that caught my attention. This is a trolly on the side of the road with fresh herbs inside, no one appeared to be near by. I found this very cool,

I rented a room through Airbnb, this is a picture of the neighbours door. As a fan of Austin Texas I thought it was a pretty interesting statement.

This is the light we had above our heads during the workshop. It felt like everywhere I looked in Berlin there was some creative element to a functional object.

A cool coffee shop, they even sold wine, tinned tomatoes, pasta and olive oil. The diversity in Berlin is striking.

Jivamukti Berlin, of course I had to fit in a couple of yoga classes.

These seriously loveable dogs were laying on the couch as we came out of class. Rafa would have been in heaven.

Graffiti represents self expression to me and I love it. Berlin is full of interesting Graffiti.

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