Spotify, I love you!

by Tanya Monteiro on 08/20/2011

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After many attempts at sharing music I’ve finally stumbled on a winner and it even works in the UK. (I think it was founded in Sweden) After a yoga class this week I asked the teacher if she would record a cd for me, she suggested I connect with her on Spotify. I’d read allot about the application but I have a couple of others I use and have been trying to stay away from new applications of late. Anyway, it’s easy to download, connects to Facebook and all your friends who have accounts and albums will come up automatically. Also, it finds the albums you’ve made in your iTunes to share folders. Super exciting to me although it does mean that now I need to update those yoga class albums more often………that’s the thing about technology, the minute you start something you land up taking on another project.

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