Can Fashion save the world?

by Tanya Monteiro on 08/18/2011

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After school I travelled for a year in Europe, waitressing for a few months and then travelling for a few months. Getting an education was something we had to do and I always knew I would return to Durban to study either jewelry design or fashion design. I choose Fashion and it was a really amazing 3 years. My love of beautiful things has never died, even as I sprinted in the wrong direction and landed up in grey, black and pin stripped navy blue suits on wall street, I still read articles on people who were creating innovative interesting fashions and would walk the streets, mostly downtown to get a feel for what was happening. Now as I build my business of beautiful gifts from around the world I am constantly being presented with amazing projects.

Vivienne Westwood is recycling rubbish in Kenya and in her way using this to help change the world. Diversity and Independent thinking drive me, I often don’t like Vivienne’s designs but I’m always drawn to her thinking and her fearless approach to trying new things! As a proud African this project is intriguing and powerful, an inspiration to me. At 70 I too plan to be creating, innovating and making a difference in peoples lives.

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