Lord give me a sign…show me how to teach my mind

by Tanya Monteiro on 08/09/2011

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I’ve recently started watching Season 1 of Friday night lights. No, I still don’t have a TV, just means that I download it from the www. I’m in love with the writers of the script and now the music selection is grabbing me too. This SONG is just brilliant. It reminds me of living in LA, one of the most distinct memories I have of LA is how much Rap music was played everywhere. After the riots here in London these past few days I’m dedicate this song to those who think stealing is the solution to their problems. This gap between the have’s and the have nots is rising to the surface.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the actual video, so if you’ve not clicked above please click here to see & listen. Play it as loud as possible and make sure you have loads of room to move your body! And, if you don’t believe in Jesus or God replace those words with who ever it is you do beleive in.

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