South African Photography

by Tanya Monteiro on 07/14/2011

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Yesterday I popped into the Victoria and Albert to see the exhibition of South African Photographers. All the photographers are based in South Africa and have a broad range of views and topics they focus on. It was pretty inspiring to see how some subjects like black gay, transexual, gender neutral images of proud people being who they are were displayed so simply.

I was mezmorised by this shot of refugees sleeping in a church in Joburg. It reminded me of when I had my passorts and everything stolen while in Durban back in 2007. I went to the home office to get my Identity back and was amazed by the 500 or so people waiting in a separate area. Of course I asked what was going on and the lady who I had hired to help me speed up the process told me they were Zimbabwein refugees waiting to get their identies. That same feeling of deep amazement and saddness came over me yesterday as I looked at this image and remembered that we dont know where we will be born but so much of our lives depends on that fact.

This was a collection of images of young adults expressing themselves through their clothing. Love that this is such a universal collection, all of us all over the world express ourselves through fashion. It’s great to see what’s current in SA today. Sorry it’s little dark but I was sneaking in the shots with the security gaurd constantly walking around.

For more images and much better shots take a look at Figures-Fictions. I could’nt get a straight answer if the exhibition is going to travel (thinking NYC) but I really hope it does and that more and more of South Africa’s work is shared.

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