Technology and our future

by Tanya Monteiro on 07/06/2011

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When I started to rebuild my life after speeding nowhere in NYC one of the first website I discovered while on that beach in Portugal was Since that time over 2 years ago the people, projects and environments that this blog has opened me to has by far contributed the most to my development. I’m including some images posted on avc some weeks back – regardless of how you feel about technology it’s place in our lives is here to stay, more than likely to grow and if we can stay awake enough we can help guide it. If the headlines today are anything to go by my guess is “what technology wants” is on it’s way to be realised. Today’s post on avc was about modern community building (leaders) and how this role will become more and more important! It excites me to be a part of the world at this time!
(click on images to get a better view of the headlines)

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