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by Tanya Monteiro on 06/16/2011

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Sharing a couple of on-line finds today. Pinterest is like creating a vision board online. Am reminded of our evening in your Estoril home Karen, this might have changed the game a bit though.

Airbnb is a cool site to explore if you’re thinking of travelling over the summer. Simple and really easy to use.

Lastly, for 89,999 THOUSAND POUNDS you can purchase a solid gold iPad. Seriously, I have nothing against Luxury. Infact partly, my yoga inspired clothing line was driven by my love of soft fabrics that feel luxurious, but this kind of luxury Scares me. Camaeldiamonds.com is based in London, I guess the good news is they ‘believe’ in “At Camaél protecting the environment and helping those that suffer from disadvantages are important to us.
We give a percentage of our profits to help support charities that deal with these issues. So every time you make a call, send an email, listen to music or start your car with a Camaél customised product you know you will have made a difference to a disadvantaged persons life or the environment.”

Seriously, are people clicking on-line, paying 89,999 thousand pounds and feeling good that it also goes to “some” charitie that deals with “issues”. I’m reminded of the documentary "The One Percent". Jamie Johnson we need you to make another highlighting the one percent globally, PLEASE!! (Another paradox of our reality)

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