Forty One Today

by Tanya Monteiro on 06/01/2011

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A great friend flew in from Hamburg to hang out with me for a few days. We met on the 6 train in NYC, both of us had yoga matts on our backs, and as it does sometimes, the 6 local train turned into the 6 express train and we landed up on 14th street instead of 8th street. Running down the road to make our yoga class we both realised we were heading in the same direction, that was in 2002. Since NYC, we’ve lived in LA at the same time and shared allot of places in Europe. Here’s a fun picture taken at Andrea's Birthday in August 2009, 1 month from giving birth to her 2nd boy. Martin, Jakob and Conner, Thank you!

41 Things I’m grateful for:

1) Mom and Dad, you got together just at the right time.
2) Vovo and Vovo, Thanks for taking care of me.
3) Being African
4) The smell of the rain coming
5) Friends, you are often a source of endless Joy to me.
6) Rafa
7) Learning to surf
8. The sound of the ocean
9) Music, its my medicine.
10) Yoga
11) Silence
12) The space I feel in Africa
13) Travel
14) Light
15) Colour
16) St Jean Marie
17) Swimming and sports
18) Biblical studies
19) Walking on grass
20) Sand under my feet
21) Galloping on a horse
22) Challenges
23) Singing
24) Nespresso, extra hot, Soya latte in the mornings
25) Getting lost in nature
26) Walking
27) People who dare
28) Scents and Smells
29) Living
30) Learning, always learning!
31) Deep thinkers
32) Our World
33) Massage
34) Creating
35) Beautiful things
36) Blogging
37) The Internet
38) Cheese sandwiches with Fresh bread
39) Soft luxurious fabric
40) Reading
41) Playing with my edges

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