The Value of Confusion

by Tanya Monteiro on 12/08/2009

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Right now I’m confused, admitting this has been hard for me. My mind is always searching for a reason to peg the results on and move forward but right now in my life I know deep inside of myself that inorder for the changes I value to happen I am going to learn how to be comfortable with confusion. This is not to say I am not clear on some things – there is no doubt in my mind that I am working on projects that give my life meaning and allow me to live on purpose. The confusion comes in when I try to understand how it will all work out. Finally, I am begining to see that for new ways of being or knowing or feeling there has to be a time of confusion, of not knowing cause truth is, I dont know how this will unfold only that I know I must do it. Loved this article sent to me by Cate Le Barre from

For anyone who’s confused and wants to put an end to that feeling, I hope this helps see that its ok to be confused, at least for a while………………..the value of confusion

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