Dig A Little Deeper

by Tanya Monteiro on 04/28/2015

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In the last few weeks we’ve experience another outbreak of Xenophobia. It started in Durban city centre and spread throughout the country fast once again.

This article written by a Nigerian born, South African raised women is a great example of how fruitless and how tragic these attacks are.

What is happening in SA is a genocide, a genocide fuelled by a deep-seated hatred for which no single foreigner is responsible – Genocide is the systematic/targeted killing of a specific tribe or race. The issue of xenophobia is not a new one in SA. However, the differentiator in 2015 is that this wave is backed by a strong ideology; that somehow these attacks can be and are justified.

In response to these attacks a group of local musicians came together in collaboration to sing “Dig a Little Deeper”. The aim of the song, written by Don Clarke, is for Durbanites to raise a united voice against Xenophobia.

Enjoy this special song…….For me I know for sure that #MyheartisAfrica & I’m definitely digging a little deeper.

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