Who taught you to drive?

by Tanya Monteiro on 03/05/2014

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Up until 2 weeks ago, anytime I thought of this question, ‘who taught me to drive’? or anytime I was asked ‘who taught you how to drive?’ I thought it was a mixture of my farther on the occasional holiday and more often a very close family friend named Trevor.

Going through some old documents I discovered it was in fact my oldest and a still a dear friend today, Juliette. The story in my head did not match at all with my reality. I’ve always known my mind can play tricks on me but this one was a really strong reminder.

It makes me think of a project I’m working on that’s difficult and really close to my heart. I had a meeting with 2 people one day that I knew I might completely loose all train of thought in, so I took along a recording machine and switched on my iphone to make sure I could remember exactly what was said during that meeting. Turns out there are many more uses for this determination to remember but the key, for me here, is to remember that we forget, and to keep writing and keep recording so I can keep keeping it real.

Here’s the letter, I wrote to my farther on the 12th of February, sadly there is no year. My guess is that it was around 1983/84.

The crazy ending to this story is that Juliette remembers exactly how it unfolded and without me saying a word she recounted to me in detail, the events of this particular day. Thank you Juls for teaching me how to drive!

Do you remember who taught you how to drive?

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