Chasing Daylinght by Gene O’Kelly (CEO KPMG)

by Tanya Monteiro on 01/23/2011

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These past few years I’ve been auditing my life. Becoming more aware of who I have in my life and why. What I do with my time and why. I think it was Brad Feld who pointed me in the direction of this book. What brilliant timing! In more ways than I can comprehend I feel lost, confused about where I want to live. Yet in many many ways I have reached much more clarity on who I am, that I’m fully South African in my being and that building an on-line store that sells gifts from around the world made by creative entrepreneurs and completing my documentary with steps in breaking the silence on sexual abuse is what I want to do with my life, always. Right now its the how that’s tripping me up and possibly the speed at which I want this to happen. Chasing daylight will be with me as a guide when my thoughts become fearful of how I will afford not to go back to the corporate world. Gene O’Kelly points out that his kind of virtues was once commitment and that his focus on having a peaceful death lead him to realise that actually, king of virtues was consciousness. The ability to be present in this moment, the only one we really have right now. Another aspect that i’d not thought about is how he describes that we can only really control our energy. (a biggy for me of late) Like many others I respect he reminded me that by switching my mind set I can start to switch my life. He also describes how its important to have one foot planted firmly in familiar ground and the other in new and unfamiliar ground. I love that, I know that’s how I will live 2011 in order to grow and develop to make my dreams my reality.
By accepting and facing my reality this year I will simplify enough to live in the moments and recognise perfection even in imperfect moments. In search of balance I will continue to learn how to adapt in the face of adversity!!

A BRILLIANT READ and here’s a link to Brad Feld chasing daylight review

Some quotes I loved:
“To those whom much is given much is expected”
“Consciousness is like a muscle, I thought, that would grow stronger when worked on”
I’ve never been big on goodbyes, I like to say goodbye, express my joy of the time shared before the day to leave comes and then go. I’ll be using this quote from now on “It is never good dwelling on good-byes,”she said. “It is not the being together that it prolongs, it is the parting.” Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco, “the fir and the palm”
“A surprise, I think, is really just an inevitability that we’re too unsophisticated to predict.”

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